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Town and Country Heating stock Riva stoves

Riva have a vast range of stoves from very modern inset stoves to more conservative free standing stoves and even open convector fires.

The outstanding Riva Cassette fires range is available in six different sizes offering greater installation possibilities for interiors of all proportions. With three portraits, two landscapes and one virtually square size there is something to suit you. They are available in a choice of Jet Black Metallic or Storm, the frame options come either as three or four sided and standard or wide width.

The Riva Studio Range comes as either inset or freestanding stoves. To own a Riva Studio is to make a design statement that will become a heart warming focal point to your home. There are several different styling options from the simple Edge or Cool Wall kits to the larger format Steel, Glass or Ceramic frames, there are two free standing models which are complimented when put on benches.

The Open Convector Fires have been specially designed to draw in cooler, ambient air and heat it in the convection chambers positioned either side and behind the visible firebox. The warmed air passes out into the room through the top air vent, adding to the radiant heat emitted by the fire. Furthermore, there is an air control which allows you to have maximum draught for lighting the fire but, once ablaze, an even more efficient burn can be achieved by reducing the air flow. This control can also be partially closed when the fire is out to reduce down draughts from the chimney.

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